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10 historical tweets #SMCSFblog - Day18

Just a few minutes ago I was following #MAVEN2Mars on Twitter and at the same time lloking for some news regarding the crazy man who fired at people at a french newspaper and had been tracked by the police earlier today.

(And the police haven't gotten this gunman, the guy is still running free outside somewhre. they followed him inside Paris, like shooting and so on, through the area called La Défense and through the Champs Elysées. I felt really safe to go home, as I pass by these two places on my commutting path...).

At the same time I was chatting with a friend through Facebook messenger - I was in my parisian bus going home and she is at a gorgous place in place, she exchanged grey Paris to this paradise of Canoa Quebrada. While chatting with her I missed my stop.

So when I finally got home I continued going through my TL and read a tweet about the most famous tweets. So I decided to write this entry.
Even if the blog post is in french, the 10 top tweets are in english so you guys may find your way through.

The 10 most important / famous / historical tweets are these ones on this link.

According to this french post the historical 10 tweets are:

1 and 2 - The LT of Bin Laden track
3 - The first tweet of Pope Francis
4 - Obama's tweet and pic "4 more years" - almost 800k re-tweets!
5 - Obama's stop shutdown tweet
6 - First tweet from Mars by Curiosity
7 - The Us Airways plane crash in the Hudson
8 - The first tweet from space - from an ISS astronaut (by my preferred were Chris Hadfield tweets and his video, which he tweeted the link)
9 - The royal baby birth
10 - the first tweet ever:

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

Love that 1st tweet; kinda reminds me of the 1st music video. Video killed the Radio Star.♪♫ BB remembers when that aired for the 1st time. Lord, I'm old. ; )