mercredi, novembre 27

Working identity #SMCSFblog - Day27

On last night theorical classes my method's master (I do more than yôga!) said that if we work with what we love we don't count hours and we will ne able to work all the time, even  7 days a week because we love it.
Certainly possible.

This assumption is kind of joining the book I'm reading at the moment about Working identity. 
I'm still in chapter one but I already know from the couple of examples given so far one can achieve different kinds if carreer shift.
From a total change (a psy who became a buddhist monk) to changes of angle (from management a software company to consulting on organizational issues).
In the book it's very much about people who arrives at a certain stage of their professional life and feel that they want something else.
But don't know what.
It should give some keys to realize the change, which can be simple or complex. The point is to discover what you want to do.
I'm curious to read the next examples of carreer change.

Then on Facebook I read some personal changes:
- someone annonced he is in a relationship and changed his status (I'd never thought this person would do this on Facebook, like, he is not a teenager... He is dad of a teen)
- someone is on holidays and having fun in NY (with all my respect.... Bit...h. But I love you. I wanna be there)
- someone asked her friends to test her marketing campaign for her company because it is the result of her big project
- my virtual friends from Social Media Club South Florida are as usual active online and with many useful insight for me - and I also discover new tools, you know Old Continent view versus new Wolrd try out and creation of many intersmesting stuff (there are interesting stuff over here, but I can have easily access to it)

This last part make me think: it should ne interesting to take part at SMC Paris. But to enter one must be co-opted.
Who wants to co-opt me?

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