jeudi, février 6

Lucky chance #chronicles #2

Commutting time.
Crowded wagons.
A weirdo gets in.
He talks alone.
About life in general, the government, the crisis, his rent which is quite expensive, people or kind of people that he doesn't like.
He doesn't like white people.
He doesn't like black people.
He doesn't like french.
He doesn't like americans.
He doesn't like germans.
He doesn't like arabic people.
He is arabic.
He likes red haired people.

There was a red haired person there just a few meters from him.
A guy in his twenties.

The man went on talking.

He likes red haired people. 
They're special. Really special.
They bring you joy. They bring you happiness. They're smart. They're clever. They're beautiful. They have beautiful souls. They are angels. 

Eventhough the man says that he doesn't believe in angels.
By this time we are all smiling around them.

He approaches the young man.
He says he had to get closer because red haired brings you luck.
He was lacking of luck: his woman had left him. She had said he was weird.
No doubt.
He had lost his job. Boss said he missed too many days.
'You know man! I can't go there everyday! I have other stuff to do!'
So do we!!

M Weirdo started then to sort of declaring his flamme for red headed people. How he was already feeling better just for being seated by the young man.
He was sure he was going to have luck from now on.

We were all showing broad smiles on our faces. 
And certainly saying deep inside of us "Thank god I'm not a red head".

This went on for 3-4 stops of suburban commutting train. This is a great lot of time around Paris.

M Weirdo had to get off. 
oh dear
He wondered if his lucky charm would get off with him.
The young redhaired man said he'd go further away.
Damn it.

Weirdo said goodbye. They shook hands, he got red-luck in his arms.
He got off. He went to the left.

A few seconds passed by. 

Then young red jumped from his seat just when the alarm of closing doors started. He got off at the same station as Weirdo. Turned right.

Ok. He wanted to get his quietness back.

We all in the wagon smiled more.

Then we heard a scream: hey! My lucky star!! You're coming with me!!!

The urbain train started, noise faded away...

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