mercredi, juillet 24

I'm spinning around...

So here I'm again. Still alive and around.
Or alive and kicking as the song says.
Old song. Song for dinosaurs. 35 yo and older dinos.

As I wrote ages ago I'm working on some personal projects. On top of my pro life.
Days are therefore long.
But still not quite.

I started a project and it already died.
It was a blog which subject was very interesting. But to make it work I'd need help. And for the time being I don't have help. I don't want to need help now.
So exit.

I re-re-re-started another project. About Paris. From inside Paris. Paris from within.
I'm thrilled about it. But I need time. And sometimes inspiration.
Maybe I shouldn't stop thinking that I need this or that and just do it (it's a baseline but it means what it means)..
Let's go.
Challenge: post a post on this other blog once a week. 
Then increase the pace.
Must get things started.

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